Valet Living’s RealPage OneSite Integration

Our service valets are at your community location on a nightly basis for trash collection service. While performing their service, they often observe things which would be of concern to the Property Manager and/or Maintenance Manager. These observations fit two categories:

  1. A Property level observation – some examples would be that the dumpster/compactor is full and needs emptying, or that there are lights out in a hallway or stairwell, or a safety issue such as a broken stair tread, loose handrailing, or perhaps a fire hazard. Traditionally, these are items that require a service request for the community maintenance department to address.
  2. A Resident level observation – would be a trash bag not placed in the proper waste receptacle, or a bag that is ripped and leaking, or perhaps an over-sized item that our service valet could not collect. Traditionally, these are items that fall outside the trash collection guidelines where the observation should be recorded and the resident notified.

With Valet Living’s RealPage OneSite Integration solution, the process of managing our service valet’s trash collection observations are automated between our system (iValet) and your OneSite instance in four areas:

  1. Ability to configure what Property level observations should be sent to OneSite as Service Requests for the Maintenance department to address.
  2. Ability to email/text a Resident level observation directly to the resident to notify them of non-conformance to the trash collection guidelines (includes the picture captured by our service valet).
  3. Ability to capture a Resident level observation as a Resident Activity Log entry for the purposes of keeping track how many times that resident/unit is not in compliance with the trash collection guidelines.
  4. Ability to configure what Resident level observations should count as an offense, then based on the number of offenses that resident/unit has accumulated, levy a surcharge/fine (e.g. after 3 offenses, add a $5.00 trash collection surcharge/fine onto the resident’s monthly invoice).

Enabling our automation solution streamlines the process and takes the tracking and manual data entry effort off the Property Manager’s shoulders, allowing them to be more productive, and focus their efforts on resident experience and satisfaction, rather than deal with manually entering Service Requests and Resident Activity Log entries into OneSite. As an added benefit, if the Property Manager has a policy where the resident’s continued non-conformance to the trash collection guidelines should result in an additional surcharge/fine, our solution can track those violations and generate the surcharge as a single item charge onto the resident’s invoice.