Privacy Policy for Children Under the Age of 13


This policy applies to personal information about children under the age of 13 (“Child” or “Children”) collected, used or disclosed by Valet Living and its affiliates (collectively, “Valet Living,” “Company,” “we”, “our” or “us”). This policy supplements our general privacy policy ( (the “Privacy Policy”). Only our general Privacy Policy applies to teens and adults.

What Personal Data Does Valet Living Collect from Children?

Personal data is any information from or about an identified or identifiable person, including information that the Company can associate with an individual person.

Children’s Classes

A parent or legal guardian (as used in this policy, “Parent” or “You”) that is a registered user with Valet Living may sign their Child up to participate in virtual children’s activity and learning classes offered by Valet Living (“Class(s)”). You do not need to provide any of your Child’s personal information to sign up for these Classes. We do, however, collect personal information from You (the Parent) when you create your account with Valet Living (either on the website or our mobile app), including Your first and last name, address, mobile phone number, email address and resident community. Additional detail regarding the information we collect from You can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Once You register your Child for a Class, You will receive a link to access the Class online, which is sent to the email or mobile number provided by You. Parents may voluntarily share a picture of their Child, but we do not request or require a photo of your Child for Classes. We currently use a video conferencing platform hosted by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (“Zoom”) to host the Classes. If you or your Child has a separate profile or registration with Zoom, any photo or name associated with that registration may be displayed during the Class. During Classes, which are designed to be interactive, Children may choose to turn on their audio and video (but it is not required).

We also enable students to communicate with the teacher and other participants on or through the Zoom chat feature. The nature of this feature allows Children to voluntarily disclose information about themselves on the video platform during the Class. The chat content and display names are visible to the teacher and other Class participants during the Class. The Classes are conducted live – we do not monitor or review any chat content before it is posted. We do not record the Classes or allow participants to do so. We do not keep copies of any chat content once the Class has ended. We use reasonable precautions to make sure only registered participants are able to access Classes, however, we cannot control the actions of participants or other third parties with whom You or your Child shares his or her information.


The Valet Living websites are not intended for Children. Website visitors can access many parts of our website and its content and use many of our websites’ features without providing us with personal information. However, some content and features (such as signing up for Valet Living Home services) are available only to registered users. In addition, we use certain technologies, such as cookies, to automatically collect information from our website users (including Children) when they visit or use our website. Please visit our Privacy Policy ( for more details.

How Do We Use Your Child’s Information?

We do not use any Child’s information unless provided or authorized by the Parent. Information provided by Children during Classes is used solely to facilitate the Class and is not retained by the Company.

How Do We Share Children’s Personal Data?

We share information that You provide to us as set forth in the Privacy Policy. If You voluntarily share a photo of your Child, we will ask for your written permission to share the photo internally within Valet Living and with your community management team. Any information provided by Children when participating in Classes is shared with the instructor solely for the purpose of teaching the Class and is available to other Class participants.
In addition, Zoom, as the platform hosting provider, has access to meeting details and messaging content. You should review Zoom’s privacy policy (accessible at Zoom’s website) for information about the data it collects and how it uses such data.

How to Can You Review and Delete Your Child’s Information?

We obtain Parents’ consent prior to allowing Children to participate in our Classes. Parents may review the information maintained by us at any time by accessing their account profile or contacting us at [email protected]. If you wish to revoke your consent, you may do so at any time prior to the start of the Class by signing in to your Valet Living account via Our website or mobile app and canceling the class registration. You may also revoke your consent by sending an email to [email protected].

Please direct any other inquiries about this Policy to us at [email protected].