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Valet Living’s Diversity & Inclusion Council Mission Statement

To unite Valet Living associates, at all levels, to inclusively enhance and recognize their contributions empowering a better tomorrow.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council will foster a culture of belonging that encourages authenticity and respect through education and development.

Isorys Dilone

EVP Compliance & General Councel

Christopher Garza

District Manager

Michael Giraldo

Michael Giraldo

District Manager

Tricia Nguyen

Implementation Specialist

Jocelyn Rivera

Director of Fleet Operations

Tamera Seats

District Manager

Scott Jaikin

Account Executive

Valet Living’s Diversity &
Inclusion Council Principals

Growth Mindset:
Cultivate a growth mindset among council members, promoting continuous learning, improvement, adaptability, and a commitment to using reliable data, evidence-based insights, and open-minded dialogue to ensure the council’s ongoing evolution and effectiveness.

Accountability & Active Engagement:
Hold ourselves accountable to our commitments within the council, fostering a sense of trust and reliability among team members by being fully present and actively participating during council meetings.

Inclusive and Supportive Environment:
Foster a culture that values respect, empathy and the unique contributions of team members. Promote a collaborative atmosphere by assuming positive intent while also upholding confidentiality and creating a safe zone where members can freely express their opinions without fear of judgment.

Celebrate Differences and Commitment to Constructive Communication:
Create a culture that celebrates council’s diverse talents, skills, and perspectives, and commit to honest and transparent communication, even when discussing sensitive or challenging topics, leading to meaningful progress.

Lead by Example:
Champion inclusive behaviors and practices within the organization. Lead by embodying the principles of the D&I Council, creating an inclusive environment that values and includes all individuals, prioritizing their well-being and fostering teamwork.

A Few Key Initiatives

Increase Internal

Institute Mentor and
Coaching Programs

Educate About
Everyday Bias

Track All Programs
for Success