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Employee Spotlight

Meet Cristiano:
Elevating Valet Living’s Culture with Over Two Years of Exceptional Leadership in Los Angeles

District Manager, Cristiano has been successfully leading his team in the Los Angeles, California area
for over two years now. Cristiano leads by example, emulating Valet Living’s positive work culture and high standards of excellence. Of many, there are three incredibly important values that shine through to Cristiano, inspiring and supporting him in his work every day.

Servant Leadership

Similar to the hospitality industry, the multifamily industry revolves around providing exceptional service to keep residents happy. To help always maintain, and often exceed those expectations, Valet Living instills a culture of servant leadership. With an MBA in People Management, Cristiano knows what it takes to be an effective leader.

“We like to put others’ needs in front of our own needs. I always tell my service valets that they don’t work for me – they work with me. I always tell them that we are a team and I always listen to them. We are in constant communication to make sure we’re all doing our best to provide excellent service. And I always support my team. When I visit for spot checks and safety checks, I always bring water or Gatorade,
especially now that it’s hot. It’s give and take, you know, I try to accommodate their needs and then if I need something, they always say yes.”



Providing exceptional service to residents and successfully leading a team as a district manager would be impossible without a loyal team. That’s why loyalty is the heartbeat of Valet Living’s work culture.

“My guys always get things done and without a complaint. I try to bring what I’ve learned from the military and bring it on over to the civilian side and teach them that, at the end of the day, you don’t wanna be in the same position. You always want to advance, and hopefully, eventually take my job!”

  I always tell my service valets that they don’t work for me – they work with me. I always tell them that we are a team and I always listen to them.  

~ District Manager, Daniel

Recognizing Great Work

Valet Living not only encourages great work, but also strives to recognize great work when they see it. Whether that’s giving team members a shout out on Workplace, looking internally for promotions and leadership opportunities, or recognizing a team member who’s going above and beyond through our Service Star program, we want to recognize the hard work of our employees.

“What I really like about Valet Living is that they really recognize who’s been doing a good job. I really appreciate this opportunity to be recognized – it’s a great feeling”

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