“How to Restore a Blackened Aluminum Pan,” According to Martha Stewart Living

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Martha Stewart Living — Erica Sloan/ August 18, 2020 —

While built-up grease and grime or burnt-on food can wreak havoc on any pan, aluminum ones have another distinct enemy: dishwashers. Like cast-iron cookware, aluminum pans should avoid the machine at all costs. “The combination of alkaline dishwasher detergent, high heat, and minerals in your water can trigger a reaction that darkens the metal,” says Jennie Varney, brand manager for Molly Maid. Not to mention, the force of the jets can knock your pan into other dishware, scratching or nicking its surface.

“Your best bet is to simply hand-wash the pan with warm water and mild dish soap, using the rough side of a sponge or scrubber to dislodge any food remnants,” says Rosa Nogales-Hernandez, head of the cleaning team at home-services company Valet Living, “and avoid taking a metal utensil to it, as this can damage its surface, too.” But if you’ve already subjected your pan to a dishwasher cycle, not to worry—the darkening isn’t usually permanent. Just follow these steps from Varney and Nogales-Hernandez to bring back the shine.

Source: Martha Stewart Living