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Employee Spotlight

Exceptional Service:
Mastering the Recipe

Rock Star Resident Experience Specialist Dee never takes the easy way out – whether mastering his culinary skills or improving his resident community. From the first day of training to the first day on the community floor, our Resident Experience Specialists set Valet Living’s standards for exceptional service each and every day.

Homemade or Store-bought?

Dee, who happens to be quite the chef in his off time, is working on a Strawberry Short Cake Day for his residents this month. Dee goes above and beyond when it comes to planning monthly events for his residents, because to him it doesn’t feel like work. This makes all the difference.

Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cream and strawberries… A strawberry shortcake may require few ingredients, but in the right hands, with the right patience, you have yourself a deliciously sweet masterpiece. Buying store-bought desserts for a community function would be a crime to a dedicated go-getter (and talented chef!) like Dee.

He is a passionate team player, communicator and rock star example of what it means to be an effective Resident Experience Specialist at Valet Living. Dee is the lead Resident Experience Specialist in the Fort Worth, Texas, market and will always go the
extra mile.

Whether it’s the perfect strawberry shortcake or Valet Living’s mission for excellence: it’s all in the layers. Our values, extensive training, and exceptional services wouldn’t mean a thing without the incredible associates who make it all happen.

Resident Experience Specialist, Dee, says it all starts with a strong team. Dee’s district manager, Kristofer, built a diverse team for Dee to lead, putting in the extra time and consideration to ensure everyone’s unique personalities synchronized. It was the extra layer that Dee feels set him up for success from the start. After his district manager laid the groundwork, it was up to Dee to build the foundation. To him, that is all about open communication.

“We constantly communicate about everything. I always try to make sure no one is surprised about anything. I rely on the input of my team to help me better serve their needs,” Dee explains.

With a constant flow of communication, Dee can make every voice on his team heard, operating on an even playing field. When it comes time to schedule, Dee prefers to plan ahead, sending out a preliminary schedule two weeks in advance so his team members can approve and adjust as they need.

“Everyone has specific needs. I want to make sure my team members are comfortable with their schedules,” adds Dee.

Let’s Be Better Today

Dee’s emphasis on communication goes beyond administrative duties at Valet Living. He loves sending motivational texts and inspirational quotes to his team to start the week off right. These little messages contribute to an unbeatable team camaraderie. Valet Living motivates its associates with its mantra: “be better tomorrow.” With his supportive messages, Dee not only inspires his team to “be better tomorrow,” but he also inspires them to be better today!

“We all deal with different things, and you never know what someone has going on. So, I always want to keep everyone in a positive mindset,” Dee says. “It’s not only about what they need to do at work. I want to help them improve overall, to become better individuals.”

A Resident Experience Specialist like Dee is the first point of contact in the chain of command for associates. Therefore, a successful outcome starts with Dee. With his remarkable ability to respond well and accept responsibility, Dee doesn’t rely on others – he is able to provide solutions quickly and independently.

When asked why the lead Resident Experience Specialist position is right for him, Dee didn’t hesitate. He gives his all to serving others. As he puts it, “It’s just how my brain works.” Dee thrives in a role that revolves around relationships, talking with others, and coming up with new, innovative ideas to improve the community.

No one goes hungry
on Dee’s watch!

When a resident couldn’t make it home as planned due to canceled lights, Dee was the one who offered to feed their two tanks of fish.

About the Resident Experience Specialist

Every position at Valet Living revolves around exceptional service. The Resident Experience Specialist is no exception. The entire purpose of the role is to provide memorable moments to the community’s residents. They are a crucial liaison between the residents and the leasing team, but they do so much more.

At Valet Living, we don’t just talk the talk and tell residents we appreciate them – even better, we show them. Our innovative Resident Experience Specialists are there for any questions, concerns, recommendations, or even event planning needs.

Social events are essential to all Valet Living communities and a great way to keep residents happy and engaged. Everything from pet happy hours, to contests, to birthday celebrations, it’s up to the Resident Experience Specialist to dig deep and get creative. On top of general community events, we value personal connections with all of our residents. Sometimes even the littlest things can make a resident feel extra special, such as remembering their birthday or anniversary.

L. I. V. I. N. G. What We Preach and Teaching What We Mean

It’s all in the name. Valet Living’s values for exceptional service begin at the core:

Leadership, Innovation, Value, Integrity, Nurturing, Greatness.

But it’s more than just a standard of behaviors. Valet Living worked closely with a best-in-class hospitality industry consultant from the Ritz Carlton. Together, we built our standards and guiding behaviors, the core of our training here at Valet Living. Not only do we train on those standards and behaviors, but we went the extra step, designing an entire course for our associates to learn the ins and outs of exceptional service.

However, we don’t believe training stops when an associate hits the floor of the community: we believe in constant learning.

The Valet Living Home leadership team sends out a weekly homecoming, focusing on a specific standard or behavior. These weekly reminders, with detailed talking points, work to keep Valet Living values alive in the company culture.

“We want to make sure we’re always living and breathing our culture. Every single day” explains Jacqueline George, Associate Director of Operations.

Living and Breathing Exceptional Service

At Valet Living, exceptional service extends beyond routine tasks or simply checking the boxes. With a team of dedicated associates who go above and beyond every day, Valet Living is able to deliver on its promise of exceptional service for every resident, each day.

Dee is certainly no exception. As issues arise and residents need assistance, it is up to the Valet Living associate to shine, constantly reacting professionally and providing solutions.

When a doorstep collection was missed and he knew his residents were upset, Dee didn’t let his team nor his residents down. Instead, he set out to complete the collection himself, relieving the other associates and, most importantly, keeping the residents happy.

When a dilemma occurred at The Julian and residents were not receiving their packages, Dee didn’t stop until he got to the bottom of it. When the delivery logs didn’t produce any answers, he set out to the next door building to rule out a misdelivery, ultimately bringing the missing packages home and saving the day.

When a resident couldn’t make it home as planned due to canceled flights, Dee was the one who offered to feed their two tanks of fish. No one goes hungry on Dee’s watch!

When he’s not putting his mind to innovative residential solutions or planning the next knock-your-socks-off community event, he’s perfecting delicious dishes in the kitchen, such as his latest specialty, Tuscan salmon. Maybe followed by a lovely strawberry shortcake… He can truly do it all.

We thank you for everything you do, Dee. Keep up the excellent work!

Rock Star Highlights

Dee is a Rock Star Resident Experience Specialist in the Fort Worth, Texas market.

Valet Living achieves exceptional service through its in-depth training program, built in partnership with a hospitality consultant from the Ritz Carlton.

Dee is an incredible leader, communicator, and talented chef who will always go the extra mile for his team, residents, and next family meal!

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