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Employee Spotlight

Good Leaders are Worth their Weight in Gold

Meet Andrew “Drew” Cremonte, a 17-year military Veteran and Medevac Blackhawk pilot. Drew embraces Valet Living’s core value of servant leadership and is not afraid to greet any challenge head on. He leads by example and focuses on building up his team, recognizing their strengths, and working with them to identify opportunities for improvement.

“Strong leadership doesn’t lead from behind, but from beside,” said Drew.

As a Valet Living district manager in Tampa Bay, Florida, Drew uses this strategy to build and maintain a successful team. As he does in his aviation command, Drew uses his warm personality to both keep his troops focused, while still reaching out an empathetic hand when needed.

“I always had good leaders in front of me in the military,” Drew explains. “I had guys who would lead from the front and never ask me to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves. So, I have always taken that same approach.”

Beyond the inspiration of good leaders, his experience in the military, and growing up with two Michigan State Trooper parents, a strong work ethic and commitment to success has been drilled into Drew since a young age.

During his years as a medical evacuation pilot, Drew learned to be highly detail-oriented, memorizing and internalizing aircraft limitations and emergency procedures. Messing up could be deadly not only for him but his crew and service men and women in his aircraft. Understanding complex systems, coupled with the ability to adjust his focus in a moment’s notice, have helped Drew excel at his role as a Valet Living district manager and safety subject matter expert.

Drew specifically credits his years as an army pilot for his ability to face challenges calmly and confidently, relying on effective communication and problem-solving strategies.

Drew’s favorite thing about being a district manager at Valet Living? That’s simple—the people. Drew is a natural leader and team player; he also has a keen sense of when others need him and is always ready and willing to jump in. He takes initiative and looks forward to working through a challenge. Sometimes that is work-related,

“I’ve developed a great relationship with my teammates and fellow district managers. We all look out for each other here.” Drew explains. “We’re constantly learning from each other, asking questions, and helping each other out when we can. It makes you feel good to be a part of this team.”

“I’ve learned to recognize when people aren’t right, when something is going on with them, without them needing to say anything,” Drew explains. “For example, noticing when a team member isn’t showing up on time like usual or not being as responsive at work.”

Covering a shift or finding additional support; other times, it is being understanding of everyone’s unique situations and offering an ear to listen that’s needed. Being an effective leader is not barking orders or setting strict expectations. Rather, it’s about sensing others’ struggles and being there to listen to help them through to the other side of that hurdle.

At Valet Living, district managers play an important role within the team structure. There is no doubt that managing many different individuals with different schedules and locations is not an easy feat. But we have no doubt that success will continue to follow with rock star leaders like Drew, who are always looking for an opportunity to make a difference. But success will surely follow with rock star leaders like Drew, who lead strongly with empathy.

Rock Star Highlights

Drew is a district manager in Tampa, FL with an impressive military background.

When a fellow Veteran and Service Valet on his team began showing signs of distress, Drew didn’t hesitate to check in on him and show up for him when he needed it most.

From years in military service, to leading his team at Valet Living, Drew has mastered effective leadership. He faces challenges head on with positivity and looks for ways to best support his associates.

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