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Employee Spotlight

Seven-Year Service Star:
A Journey of Heartfelt Excellence

District Manager Gary has mastered the service craft. Working his way up from service valet to now a stellar district manager, he has experience on both sides of the Valet Living service world – giving him quite the unique edge.

Where It All Began

District manager Gary knows how to deliver exceptional service. He leads his team of service valets with the ease of a pro, because it wasn’t too long ago he was one.

Gary joined the Valet Living family seven years ago, first working as a service valet in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area for five years. In all his years servicing communities, Gary’s day-in-day-out dedication to what Valet Living stands for is impossible to miss.

With seven years of service, Gary’s experience at Valet Living speaks to the power of developing and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with the residents of our communities. For Gary, it is the loyalty to show up on site as often as possible, prioritizing his personal connections with his service team and residents. This is how he is able to create the moments that matter along the way.

Exceptional Service Starts with Exceptional Leadership

Gary has developed a thoughtful approach to teamwork, which is a reflection of his own experiences when he was in the role. To him, leading his team is all about taking care of them. Everything from getting them the proper gear they need, asking them to complete safety courses, stepping in when they need assistance or answering their questions. Gary sets his team up for success every day and it shows.

“As long as you take care of the service valets, they will take care of you. A lot of people say the district managers are the backbone of the company, but I think it’s the actual service valets. They’re the ultimate service providers – they’re out in the field every day getting stuff done,” he explained.

The Little Things Make All the Difference

Gary ensures Valet Living services run smoothly across his communities with small– yet powerful– everyday wins. It’s the little things like starting his day a little earlier, driving around to each compactor or trash collection area to make sure they’re clear and ready to go for his valets.

Gary remembers all too well the days of unjamming a compactor, falling 30 minutes or more behind on his service collections. Instead, he works to prevent hiccups like these, saving his team members valuable time and eliminating potential issues for residents.

  It’s really all about communication.
Customer service goes a long way.  

~ District Manager, Gary

The Resident Connection

Beyond putting in the extra time and effort, Gary is constantly strengthening his relationships with residents in his communities. As he puts it, “It’s really all about communication. Customer service goes a long way.”

To Gary, that means putting names to faces. Gary values in-person interactions with his team and residents, so he shows up as often as he possibly can. Even working with 24 different communities doesn’t stop him. He never goes more than two weeks without paying his communities a visit, no matter what it takes.

Maybe it’s a smile and a wave as a resident leaves for work in the morning. Or, the familiar face that checks in with you at the end of a long day. Answering residents’ questions compassionately, yet solving any problems in the community relentlessly. It is no wonder Gary leaves a lasting impression on those all around him with these memorable moments.

We greatly appreciate our service stars like Gary who continue to give the extra minutes, extra hands, and go the extra mile to keep the Valet Living standard for exceptional service alive across the nation.

Service Star Highlights

Gary worked his way up from service valet to stellar district manager, leading his team with seven years of experience.

Gary understands excellent customer service, constantly showing up at each of his 24 communities, and strengthening his relationships with the residents he serves.

Creating memorable moments along the way, Gary leaves a lasting impression on his communities.

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