The office can be a significant resource for associates to envision innovation, unite with colleagues and be inspired by big ideas, at Valet Living we wanted to showcase that.

Having a space where communication can flow freely often leads to growth for companies. Valet Living recognized that needing a collaborative space for its associate staff was not only beneficial but critical to inspire its associates to grow. That is why Valet Living doubled down on office space for its downtown Tampa headquarters. Although renovations were completed in 2021, the company continuously finds ways to enhance the space. This includes the recent addition of a large mural depicting the company’s values: Being better tomorrow through servant leadership, innovation, diversity and growth, while ensuring the well-being of our people and the community. The mural, created by Florida-based artist, Sarah Page, displays just that.

When asked why she created this specific design, Page said, “Valet Living wanted something to represent sustainability, the environment and their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion functions. They wanted to showcase their values and speak to associates and partners here. The design is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and the golden sequence that occurs naturally in nature. For example, it can be seen in sunflowers and pinecones. The beautiful and naturally occurring pattern in nature was a nice way to showcase the environment and how Valet Living functions. The hands represent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the words, grow here, represent natural growth and corporate growth, which are not possible without embracing diversity and sustainability.”

Grow Here Mural by Sarah Page (2022) captured by Tampa Bay Business Journal

After gathering her inspiration and finalizing the design, Page carried out this project by shaping the design along the wall and implementing various natural colors by using acrylic interior paint. She completed the project, in a week, by inserting a preserved moss installation in the center of the piece to bring it to life and emphasize the value of life to associates and visitors of the office.

Sarah Page has been painting murals for 4 years and has participated in the annual SHINE® St. Petersburg Mural Festival. Director of the SHINE Mural Festival, Jenee Priebe says “[SHINE] celebrates the power of art in public spaces by revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue, uniting communities and cultivating new standards of artistic excellence.

Priebe says, “Public art is vital to communities for multiple reasons. Art is proof of life– where there is art, there is investment, passion, connection. To me, public art is an outward sign that the residents of a city take pride in their surroundings. Additionally, art in public spaces creates access to culture that a) not everyone can afford to pay for and b) reaches populations that may not have even known how much they love or need art until it pops up in front of them on their way to work or to a coffee shop.”


Page is extremely passionate about the Grow Here Mural piece and believes that it will have the power to inspire anyone that walks by or see it.


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