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Valet Living Tools To Empower Your Business.

At Valet Living, we’re committed to delivering thorough service and quickly addressing client and resident concerns. We offer tools and integrations that have a wide range of capabilities and provide comprehensive insights into community operations.

The MyValet client portal and app, empowers you with the capability to:

• Record your observations about your community
• Request services outside of nightly trash and recycling pickup
• Access comprehensive metrics to gain visibility into community operations.

For example, when you see residents not following the collection guidelines, you can snap pictures and document the non-compliance in seconds through the MyValet app. Once you’re back at your desk, brand it with your community logo and send it to the resident.  This helps them grasp the guidelines better, improves communication, and increases satisfaction. Some clients even use these violations to fine residents to correct their behavior.

You can also request bulk waste removal from your property via the MyValet app and portal and effortlessly monitor the request’s progress in real time until completion.

The MyValet portal also provides comprehensive metrics, allowing managers to gain visibility into community operations, including task completion % and community completion trends over the last 12 months.  With access to performance metrics, specialized reporting and service status updates, managers can make informed decisions and effectively manage their communities.

Valet Living is committed to being fully transparent with our clients.  With MyValet’s self-service capabilities, you can save valuable time and complete tasks, empowering you to manage your community operations efficiently. Start streamlining your community management today.

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Introducing Precision Path: a powerful tool that offers complete transparency into Service Valet routes and timestamps on your property – down to the second.

Dive into animated routes and GPS heat maps for a detailed analysis of service delivery. This data gives you unparalleled insight into your operations, empowering you to detect and resolve issues swiftly. By leveraging this transparency, we collectively ensure top-notch service quality and efficiency.

But Precision Path isn’t just for you – it also keeps our operations team in the loop. Using the same data, we can maintain high service standards and quickly address any issues. For example, if a resident says they were missed, you can check MyValet to see precisely when the Service Valet was there, giving you real-time info on service completion.

The Precision Path tab is an innovative addition to our MyValet portal, which allows you to watch the Service Valet’s route playback or skip to different times. By ensuring comprehensive coverage and minimizing missed buildings, Precision Path empowers us at Valet Living to optimize service delivery within your community while providing you with the ability to track and monitor the service efficiently.

Each night, you can review an animation of the collection path and how long the Service Valet spent collecting with a heat map of GPS points, giving you confidence in our service. With Precision Path, you can track arrival times, service durations, and departures using accurate data to solve resident complaints and improve service.

While a few of our competitors may offer basic route tracking, Precision Path is unique in that it provides a comprehensive view that includes routes and precise timestamps, service durations, and animated route playback. This level of granularity allows you to have complete confidence in our service coverage and the ability to address any concerns with real data.

At Valet Living, transparency and partnership are fundamental to our mission of serving your community. With Precision Path, managing your community becomes more seamless as we share all relevant data, earning your trust every step of the way. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with you, and we are committed to earning it and standing by you as a trusted partner.

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Streamlining Property Management: Enhancing Efficiency and Resident Experience Through Seamless Integration with Leading Platforms.

As property management changes and technology gets better, picking the right tools can be hard. With so many options out there, it’s tough to find the one that works best for you. That’s why we are the only doorstep provider who has made sure our services work well with popular platforms that you trust, like RealPage, Yardi, and Entrata.

What do these connections mean for your Valet Living account? It means less paperwork for you and your residents! By securely streamlining the resident registration process, we prefill data from your property management system, enabling us to send automated Welcome emails to residents and enroll them in email notifications, ensuring they stay informed through the Valet Living App & Web experiences.

Moreover, for RealPage users, we offer the capability to systematically add violation fines to monthly resident invoices, streamlining the enforcement process.

Residents who download the app receive convenient reminders about trash collection schedules and can quickly contact our support team for assistance. This enhances resident engagement and reduces interruptions to your onsite team, making your job smoother.

Statistics reveal that one-third of renters do not renew their leases, resulting in a lot of paperwork! Let us alleviate that for you. At Valet Living, we stand ready to support you as the property management landscape evolves. By teaming up with platforms that work well together, we give you the tools you need to succeed.

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