Rock Star: Loraine

Employee Spotlight

One Word: Motivation

Loraine Perez is a Valet Living Rock Star who is always looking for opportunities for growth, not only in herself, but in every community in which she works. Motivation is her Rock Star superpower.

Beauty in the Little Things

Loraine is a nurturer in every community she is a part of, from her daytime job working at health clinics, to her second job at Valet Living, to her precious garden. She encourages growth and finds beauty in the little things.

Loraine proudly works at two different jobs, giving fully of herself wherever she is needed. For seven years now, she’s worked at health clinics, helping clients submit applications for the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid. It’s an incredibly important job, serving people having trouble accessing resources, and it’s one she enjoys a great deal, too.

Loraine has also been a dedicated associate at Valet Living for two years, servicing several communities in the El Paso,Texas area. She loves the independence of the job and the challenge of consistently delivering great service, along with the added bonus of getting some exercise in every day!

When she’s not clocking in hours at the health clinic or servicing Valet Living communities in El Paso, you will find Loraine tending to her garden. With a rich appreciation for the beauty and resilience of plants and flowers, and a love for the outdoors, her garden is her happy place.


A Motivated, Motivator

Loraine strives for growth in herself and her communities. She has seen firsthand the toll the pandemic has had on communities, and it makes her want to work that much harder.

When asked what inspires her to set the standard, one word that came to mind: Motivation. Loraine demonstrates her drive by consistently maintaining her high standards—always getting the job done correctly and efficiently. For herself and for others.

Health Clinic Hero

You don’t have to look far to see the impact Loraine has on her coworkers and those she serves. It shines through the stories she tells, and the fulfilling experiences she’s had.

Loraine shared a touching story from a clinic where she was working. One day a young girl visited a dental office where she was working. The girl was extremely fearful, based on a bad experience when she was younger; she was visibly distressed to be there. Loraine invited the girl into her office, talking with her and offering a much-needed positive distraction. By the time the girl returned to the waiting room, she was calmed by their friendly interaction, and the dentist was easily able to treat her.

This young girl ended up being a patient at the clinic for a very long time, never forgetting the kindness Loraine showed her.

Every day she learns more to become better, always asking questions and looking for opportunity for our district to grow. ~ District Manager, Brandi

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Loraine loves working at Valet Living for many reasons, but her district manager, Brandi, is a major source of joy. She loves working with Brandi and having such a great connection to a team member has an enormous impact.

“She is awesome. We’re really blessed to have Miss Brandi,” Loraine kindly shared. Brandi is equally complimentary of Loraine and is very grateful to have her on her team.

“When I think of the Leadership Standards, she hits every single one 100%,” Brandi explained. “Every day she learns more to become better, always asking questions and looking for opportunity for our district to grow. She sets goals for herself and
meets them every time. Because of her, I have been able to travel and assist in other districts that needed help and our district still hits 100% OTC every night.”

From roses, to tulips, Loraine adds beauty into her life through her garden, the same way she adds beauty into the lives of those she works with, and works for, at Valet Living and beyond.

Rock Star Highlights

Loraine works hard at two different jobs, submitting claims at health clinics and servicing Valet Living communities in El Paso, Texas.

Loraine and her District Manager, Brandi, have an awesome relationship. With their teamwork they’re unstoppable, improving and growing the communities they work for.

In her free time, Loraine loves to garden, demonstrating how she nurtures every community she is a part of, and finds beauty in the little things.

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