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A Rock Star Who
Inspires and Aspires

Our Rock Star Alma from El Paso, Texas, aspires to do good both on and off the clock. On the clock, she’s a part-time service valet and works fulltime at a non-profit. Off the clock, she plans to earn a degree in Communications and lead a non-profit of her own, helping people in need get back on their feet. Alma’s Rock Star powers don’t stop with the payroll - she’s a ceaseless inspiration.

A Ceaseless Inspiration

Alma doesn’t only radiate Rock Star power on Valet Living communities, she works around the clock to be the best version of herself. Something you don’t see every day.

When she’s not working part time at Valet Living, Alma works full-time for a non-profit that helps people rebuild their homes after experiencing floods or other damaging tragedies. For Alma, it’s not only a way to pay the bills-helping others is a passion-a part of who she is. She is currently going back to school to earn a degree in Communications, aspiring to run a non-profit of her own one day.

“I want to be able to help people in poverty. Maybe even something as simple as helping them build a resume or helping them find the resources to make a comeback,” she said.

It’s a matter close to her heart. Alma’s family came to the United States from Mexico a little over 20 years ago. “They didn’t have anything. They didn’t know anything. They didn’t know how to reach out for help,” she explained. Now, Alma wants to inspire others, helping them find the road to success. The way she, only a year ago, found Valet Living.


Do you believe in signs?

Our Rock Star, Alma, sure does. There’s no doubt the last couple years have been hard, amidst a global pandemic and unprecedented economic struggle. Normal life may have halted for many, but not for our Rock Star. When things got tough, and life got expensive, Alma started searching for a second job. That road led her to Valet Living, the part-time job she’s called home for the last year. “It felt like God calling,” she said. Now, she can’t imagine it any other way.

Everything fell into place quite quickly, turning out to be exactly what she needed—the right place at the right time. Alma was invited to a Valet Living community to meet with a supervisor within two days of applying. Alma demonstrated drive from the moment she stepped foot on a client community for a walkthrough. She wanted her supervisor and the other associates to know, not only could she do this, but she deserved this.

She immediately felt the team was very accommodating, giving her several potential tasks, rather than strict demands. Everything from double-checking buildings, to working in the pet stations, to overseeing pool maintenance.

“The supervisor saw that I needed the job, and he offered me options,” Alma explained. “He made sure I fit in somewhere at Valet Living... They welcomed me with open arms.” And it wasn’t just talk. From that point on, Alma has felt welcomed and cared for on the job. As the only woman on her community, she’s grateful to have kind co-workers looking out for her.

“When it started getting darker earlier, they always followed up with me. Asking if I’m good, making sure I don’t have to go off alone in the dark, offering to help with a bag that looks too heavy... They take care of me.”

I didn’t know there were jobs, like Valet Living, that would work with you. Just like I didn’t realize there were nonprofits out there, and resources to help people. ~Valet Living Rock Star, Alma

Sold from the Start

“I didn’t know there were jobs, like Valet Living, that would work with you,” she said. “Just like I didn’t realize there were nonprofits out there, and resources to help people. People just don’t know how to look. And I want to be that main person to help them out.”

With wide-ranging service offerings, Valet Living relies on a variety of jobs, and a variety of hard-working people, to keep the operation running smoothly. They recognize there is a place for everyone at Valet Living. Alma was no exception.

Alma was concerned others may doubt her ability to physically do the job, because of her small stature. However, it wasn’t her size the team at Valet Living noticed, it was her passion. They immediately saw she both needed and wanted this job, and they were sold. “I’m going to show you guys,” she told them. And that, she did.

It’s one thing to work hard at your job, when the clock is ticking, the payroll is running. But to work hard at all times, for all people around you is another story. Alma believes in her ability to make a difference. Inspiring change in herself, her co-workers, her family, and most-importantly, complete strangers who could just use a little hope.

“It feels good to be recognized,” Alma said. And that’s exactly why we do it. We’re proud to call Alma our own.

Rock Star Highlights

When Alma needed a second job, she was immediately drawn to an opportunity at Valet Living in El Paso, Texas, where she was welcomed to the team on the spot.

Alma is going back to school for a degree in Communications, with hopes to run her own non-profit for people struggling with poverty.

Alma was grateful to find a job like Valet Living that was accommodating to her needs and schedule, inspiring her to help others find similar opportunities and get back on their feet!

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