Valet Waste, creator and pioneer of the doorstep collection and recycling amenity for multifamily communities since 1995, is now Valet Living.  As it approaches one million apartment homes serviced across more than 35 states, Valet Living will continue to set the standard for residential living by challenging traditional practices and thinking outside the apartment box.

With this rebrand, Valet Living will be expanding well-beyond doorstep collection to deliver on its vision as the only nationally-recognized full-service amenities provider to the multifamily industry, enhancing life for both residents and property managers. Valet Living will be the only company in the multifamily industry to combine doorstep collection with both sustainability-related and premium home-related services.

“What excites me the most about rebranding and rebuilding to Valet Living is creating a delightful resident experience that is currently not offered by any amenity provider in the United States,” said Valet Living President and Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Handrahan. “We want to truly transform and create an industry where we can differentiate a resident by property type and want all residents to want to be Valet Living residents.”

“This rebrand is more than just a name change for Valet Living,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Patti Girardi.  “Valet Waste’s pioneering edge and proven execution established the brand as the tried and tested resource that supports communities and improves property values through its doorstep collection service. Valet Living will build on that trust to set the standard for residential living. As it adds both resident-facing amenities and value-added services for its property management partners, Valet Living will continue to evolve processes, redefine language and set benchmarks that are universally recognized and used across the multifamily housing industry.”

The immediate services that Valet Living offers include:

Valet Living Doorstep – Valet Living Doorstep is the standard-setting doorstep collection amenity that adds value and convenience to every multifamily property. Valet Living gets the job done better than anyone in the business, allowing property owners to contribute to their bottom lines while adding an invaluable, time-saving amenity for residents and on-site staff. Plus, Valet Living is the only partner to guarantee an on-site event that educates residents with respect to how to make the most of the amenity – so property management teams don’t have to.

Valet Living Turns – With Valet Living Turns, property managers can rest assured that apartment homes will be pristinely restored and ready for incoming residents – without the stress of managing and coordinating everything on their own.  Drawing from our expansive network of premium contractors, our turn service is always quick and consistent, offering dependable support in every season.  And with our dedicated team handling every aspect of the job, on-site teams can stay focused on the pressing daily demands of property management so time and resources are spent where they have the greatest impact: improving resident satisfaction and retention.

Valet Living Maintenance – Valet Living Maintenance is the helping hand that allows properties to prioritize unexpected resident needs and maintain day-to-day upkeep. We provide additional porter hours for property managers and maintenance teams so they can follow through on requests and uphold the same quality of service and high standards they are proud to deliver.

Valet Living Pet – Valet Living Pet is the partner for setting the standard in community-building. Our quality products and amenities are tailored to resident needs and those of their loved ones, ultimately contributing to higher resident satisfaction rates and cleaner common areas.

Valet Living pioneered and perfected the doorstep collection amenity, and now it is setting the standard in turn services, maintenance support and pet solutions. “We are the only amenity that touches 100% of the residents,” said Handrahan.  “As we continue to announce a number of additional resident-facing services, we will continue our commitment to provide unparalleled services for both property managers and residents.”


Saturday, June 24, 2017

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About Valet Living:

As a Tampa Bay Times Top Workplace, Valet Living has been setting the standard for doorstep collection and recycling since 1995. Approaching one million apartment homes serviced across more than 35 states, Valet Living has grown to become not just the only national provider of doorstep collection and recycling services, but also the only nationally-recognized full service amenities provider to the multifamily industry. In addition to doorstep collection, Valet Living’s turns, maintenance and pet station solutions make life easier for both property managers and residents, while improving property values. Valet Living is a portfolio company of the Private Equity Group of Ares Management, L.P. (NYSE: ARES) and Harvest Partners, LP.

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