By Matt Graves, Regional Vice President of Valet Living Home

What is one thing money can’t buy? Time! Do you know how many package deliveries are sent to your community every day? How about the number of resident package pickups? Do you know how much time it takes your staff to sort through the onslaught of daily packages? Think about your typical day. How many interruptions do you have that are caused solely by packages?

With the holiday season upon us, the package problem will only get worse, and you cannot outrun cardboard! Package lockers might seem like a good solution; however, not all packages come in small sizes. Where do you leave the oversized, fragile and temperature-sensitive packages? Storage rooms might be another alternative, but what happens when packages get misplaced or accidentally picked up by the wrong neighbor? Not to mention that package carriers do not always comply with package lockers, and packages are usually left in a mess on the ground especially with the proliferation of Amazon third-party deliveries and the ever-growing food-delivery industry. What about the traditional doorstep approach? Well, 30% of Americans say that they have had a package stolen right from their doorstep, and that safety is a major concern. Do you know who you are letting into your community to perform each delivery?

Now, imagine a world in which residents can have their packages delivered right inside their homes by an on-site concierge they personally know and trust. That world already exists with Valet Living Home, the only amenity-service solution developed specifically for multifamily communities by resident amenity experts! A resident’s 2-day delivery shouldn’t have to turn into a 3- or 4-day delivery just because he or she can’t make it to the leasing office in time to pick up his or her package.

“Our residents see the Valet Living crew daily, so they view them as an extension of our leasing office and thus develop that trust,” said Victor Aguilar, Director of Operations for Carbon Thompson Multifamily Management and Valet Living Home early adopter. “These amenity services bring a unique resident experience to all of our communities and being able to use the services from one vendor was one of the successes we had with Valet Living Home.”

“Valet Living Home has made my life easier,” resident Charles R. told us. “Tasks that I normally had to carve out time for, I no longer have to do those things and I can do something fun!”

“As a trusted partner to the apartment industry for over 20 years, Valet Living understands that time is the most important asset that a property management team has,” said Patti Girardi, Valet Living Chief Marketing Officer. “Valet Living Home saves our clients over $1,755 a month in labor costs alone due to package handling and that doesn’t even account for the hidden cost of frustrated residents having to wait for a package or package pickups that can cause distractions during a prospective resident tour.”

“This service saves so much time in packages alone!” proclaimed Dierdre Morton, Property Manager at The Bridge at Heritage Creekside. “Even if you have the package lockers, with in-home package delivery, you don’t have to worry about as many battles with packages. Having Valet Living Home has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders with respect to the packages!”

In addition to package delivery, Valet Living Home boasts a suite of amenities including home cleans, pet visits, fitness classes, laundry pickup and delivery, on-demand trash pick-up and more! Call 888-855-6062 today to learn how to bring Valet Living Home to your community.

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