Rock Star: Hugo R.

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Employee Spotlight

Meet Rock Star Hugo R.

Walking approximately 3 miles to work in the Florida heat isn’t that bad. Walking 3 miles home is harder… That is what makes Hugo our Rock Star!

March 31, 2022

Adding those extra miles is tough – and not just because it’s dark. It’s harder because the job you just walked to requires you to also walk more than 5 miles, up and down numerous flights of stairs in two hours, carrying 25-pound bags of trash and recycling. This is the tough job of a Rock Star. 

Adding those 6 extra walking miles every workday was something that Hugo was doing because his truck was totaled. Still, none of the residents he serviced noticed. Residents at the Bainbridge at Westshore Marina placed their trash and recycling just outside the door like they usually do. And when they woke up in the morning, it would be gone, like usual. Any resident who passed Hugo during his collection would be greeted with that charming smile of his, like always. Hugo was one of the reasons they love living at Bainbridge. 

Dozens of Bainbridge residents banded together to award their Rock Star Service Valet with a brand new electric scooter.

1000% Beyond

Resident Kelly M. said, “To say he has been an angel is saying it lightly. He consistently works his butt off, making sure his job is done the right way. He 1000% goes above and beyond for all of us residents here, and it truly never goes unnoticed.” She had no idea he was also walking to and from work.

When she found out, Kelly sent a message to Valet Living’s President and CEO, Shawn Handrahan. She wrote, “A few months ago [Hugo’s] brother totaled his car while borrowing it. There was no replacement for the vehicle, and I felt heartbroken for him when he told me. Being the hard worker he is, he has somehow made it to work without having one, on time, and still giving the same effort he always has with all the extra work he now must put in to just keep up.” 

Electric Avenue

But Kelly didn’t stop there. She collected donations from other residents at the community – and it was easy to gather donations because they all knew what we – and Kelly know… Hugo is a quiet Rock Star! Dozens of Bainbridge residents banded together to award their Rock Star Service Valet with an electric scooter with LED lights and safety gear to more effortlessly get to work.   

Hugo humbly accepted the scooter, which helps him ride around the community where he services all seven buildings five nights a week! His determination and dedication also led him to be selected to Valet Living’s President Club as the 2021 East Service Valet of the Year! A true Rock Star, indeed. 

Rock Star Highlights

Hugo is the first Valet Living Rock Star, awarded to associates who go above and beyond.

Hugo is hugely popular with the residents at Bainbridge at Westshore Marina in Tampa, Florida

When Hugo lost his car to an accident, residents pooled money to get him an electric scooter for his community and work around their community.

If you know a Valet Living associate, like Hugo, that inspires you, share your story with us for a chance to have them selected as one of our Valet Rock Stars!

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