Rock Star: Vonda

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Employee Spotlight

Making an Impact.

“If we had more Vonda's, we would never worry about anything,” says Sam, Vonda's Valet Living district manager. Vonda is one of those people everyone likes to be around. Others are drawn to her infectious, fun-loving personality. Her deep sense of purpose and responsibility are a few powerful characteristics that make her a truly inspirational leader.

April 19, 2022

She’s Got the Power

There is no shortage of good, hard-working employees out there. But an employee who has such spirit and drive that she single-handedly makes everything easier and more enjoyable for everyone around her? Those are few and far between. But that’s how powerful Vonda’s hard work, dedication, and lively personality is, making her an incredible service valet in more than 35 communities in the Dallas area. At Valet Living, we are proud to call Vonda our own.

She’s our go-to for anything, and she always has a smile spread across her face. ~Vonda’s District Manager, Sam

Service with a Smile
(and No Hiccups!)

Her loud and rambunctious nature pulls a crew together like bees flocking to nectar-rich flowers. It’s not long before her teams quickly discover she’s a full-fledged worker bee, as well as a great role model for how to share happiness.

And it’s not just her colleagues who are impressed. Vonda impresses clients, too. Her talent for service with a smile doesn’t go unnoticed, setting a high standard for other communities in the Valet Living network. She is the service valet who is often pulled in to enhance service at other communities in the area, creating a joyful buzz that immediately impresses the clients and residents who live there.

“She can go into a new community with no hiccups at all,” her manager, Sam relates. “She’s our go-to for anything we need at any of our nearby properties, and she always has a smile spread across her face when she’s helping out.”

Above and Beyond

Vonda has never left her district manager—or anyone—in a pinch. She’s collected at 30 of the 35 communities in her area and always goes above and beyond. Without being asked, Vonda comes in early on Sundays because she knows it’ll be a little busier than usual. But her loyalty extends beyond her own team. Any time another district manager needs an extra hand, she steps up. When another manager was new to the area, she volunteered to go assist. That’s just Vonda. Even after a full day she will say, “I am almost finished with my buildings. I will go help.”

“And she rarely ever misses a night,” Sam explains.“She was sick on one occasion but still drove out of her way to drop off equipment and ensure that her team had everything they needed to collect that night.”

She doesn’t need to work that hard and help so many others—she wants to—and everyone from her co-workers to residents, can see it.

By Day & By Night

Vonda shows she’s a Rock Star by day and by night. During the day, she works full-time at a homeowner’s association. Come evening, she spends her nights working as a part-time service valet with Valet Living—a true, around-the-clock, Rock Star.

Somehow she also finds the time to rock as a devoted grandmother, a role she happily plays with all her heart. Vonda doesn’t leave her warm energy, selfless spirit and contagious smile at work. She is a constant light—it’s just who she is.

Of course, this isn’t the first time she’s been recognized for her selfless commitment. How could it be? Vonda was previously selected to Valet Living’s President Club as the 2021 West Service Valet of the Year. She repeatedly proves she is dedicated to
providing quality service amenities to the residents she serves. In the four and half years that she’s been with Valet Living, Vonda is always the first to show up and the last to leave.

Vonda doesn’t simply manage all this work; she excels at it, and always with that infectious smile on her face. Sam smiles, too, knowing how fortunate he is to have Vonda on his team.

“Dedicated, dependable and there when it really counts,” he says. “That’s Vonda.”

Rock Star Highlights

Vonda is everyone’s go-to for anything her coworkers need and she always helps out with a smile.

Vonda has been with Valet Living for 5.5 years and serves 36 different communities in Dallas, Texas.

Vonda is a devoted and loving grandmother who loves to sew and craft in her spare time. Valet Living allows her to work evenings after her full-time job and supports her lifework balance—especially with Friday and Saturday nights off!

If you know a Valet Living associate, like Vonda, that inspires you, share your story with us for a chance to have them selected as one of our Valet Rock Stars!

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